Oh, Nostalgia.


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Boomshakalaka New Year’s Resolutions

1.       Be happy with myself

2.       Branch Out

3.       Think Positively

4.       Remove negative people/things from my life.

5.       Buck up and get a tattoo.

6.       Get better grades.

7.       Stop swearing

8.       Listen to better music.

9.       Take chances.

10.   Go to Mass

11.   Eat less and healthier.

12.   Don’t let people bring me down.

13.   Get my butt to the gym.

14.   Get to the Starbucks Gold Level.

15.   Stop buying frivolous items at Target.

16.   Try to look decent on a daily basis.

17.   Stop procrastinating.

18.   Be a sexy mother trucker by my 21st birthday.

19.   Get 20 likes on a profile pictures like all the stupid 16 year old girls on Facebook…

20.   Love.

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me:can i go to the bathroom?
teacher:what for?
me:TO OPEN THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS what do you fucking think for
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boy:girls are so lucky they dont need to shave their faces or have boners.
girl :shaving legs, shaving arms, waxing, plucking, periods, cramps, pregnancy, giving birth, makeup, shut the fuck up.
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